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Special Offers! Not-refundable Room Discount
Special Offers! Not-refundable Room Discount
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The location of Hotel Unicorno is perfect to visit the main landmarks of Florence[...]
Last minute deals in Florence
Last minute deals in Florence
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Florence Monuments: Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio, a picturesque and evocative symbol of the city of Florence, is one the most famous bridges in the world.
The first construction dating back to the Roman era was damaged on numerous occasions by flooding. In 1080 a wooden bridge existed, whilst the stone version with five arches was built around 1170. It was destroyed by the floods of 1333 and after the construction of the "lungarni" (embankments), the bridge was rebuilt with three arches in 1345 and is considered the work of Taddeo Gaddi (according to Vasari) or Neri di Fioravante. In 1565, architect Giorgio Vasari built the "Vasariano Corridor" for Cosimo I, connecting the political and administrative centre with the Medici private residence.
The meat markets held on Ponte Vecchio were subsequently moved to avoid the smell reaching the grand duke's passage and was replaced by goldsmith's workshops which occupy the bridge to this day.
The raised corridor, approximately 1km in length, was built in only five months. It starts at the Palazzo Vecchio, passes through the Uffizi Gallery and runs along the Archibusieri embankment up until Palazzo Pitti.

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