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Special Offers! Not-refundable Room Discount
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The location of Hotel Unicorno is perfect to visit the main landmarks of Florence[...]
Last minute deals in Florence
Last minute deals in Florence
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Florence Monuments: Florence Cathedral

The striking and elegant Santa Maria del Fiore ("St. Mary of the Flower") Cathedral in Piazza Duomo, has been constructed in marble, using bold forms.
The main body is shaped like a Basilica with three naves welded to an enormous round triconch which supports Brunelleschi's majestic dome, the largest in masonry ever built.
Its enormous size meant that traditional construction methods using the aid of supports could not be adopted, leading to many hypotheses regarding the construction technique effectively used.
A manifesto of the Renaissance, the Dome was constructed using bold and innovative techniques by Filippo Brunelleschi who also invented its perspective, inspired by the construction of the Pantheon in Rome. Inside it is possible to view the largest surface ever decorated by fresco paintings: 3600 square meters decorated by Federico Zuccari and Giorgio Vasari.
The bell was designed by Giotta in an unusual position aligned with the facade, reflecting the artist's desire to afford the bell great importance and a strong sense of uprightness at the centre of this architectural cluster.
The construction of the Florence Cathedral, based on the ancient foundations of the Church of Santa Reparata, was begun by Arnolfo di Cambio and continued by Giotto, who worked on it until his death in 1337.
Completed by Francesco Talenti and Giovanni di Lapo Ghini, it was dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore ("St. Mary of the Flower") and consecrated in 1436 by Pope Eugene IV.

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